Three teenagers associated with the neo-Nazi gang 2119 have agreed to plead guilty to felony hate crime charges related to an antisemitic vandalism spree last summer that included attacks on two synagogues and a mosque in Pensacola, Fla. Lawyers for the three defendants appeared in court this morning and indicated their clients would plead guilty to the charges, Assistant State Attorney Andrew McGraw told Raw Story. (…) Waylon Fowler, 17, the reputed local ringleader of the group, is charged with 10 felonies, while Kessler Ferry, 19, and Nicholas Ferry, 17, are each respectively charged with two and five felonies. Of the three, McGraw said, Waylon Fowler faces the longest sentence. Wyatt Fowler, Waylon’s younger brother, was also charged, but his case was adjudicated through juvenile court. Breeding hate The vandalism spree allegedly carried out by the four teenagers last summer was at the center of a nationwide online radicalization and harassment campaign exposed in an investigative series published by Raw Story in February. Led by Waylon Fowler, the Pensacola members of 2119 — also known as Blood and Soil Crew — participated in an online effort to instill hate in white boys and instigate them to carry out acts of vandalism, extremist propaganda and harassment against Jews, LGBTQ+ people, African Americans and other marginalized groups. Attacks carried out in the group’s name in New Hampshire and North Carolina remain unsolved.

via raw story: Florida teens tied to ‘2119’ neo-Nazi gang to plead guilty for antisemitic attacks