dokumentationsarchiv (dokmz) is an antifascist news blog with an own archive. We’ll keep you informed about hate, neo-nazism and fascism since 2002. We startet our online work in 1999 with own articles and book reviews. Published articles are linked in the blog. We only quote free accessible online material and sources without any manipulation. Own articles are marked.

We are looking on a long history, beginning in 1996 as an university project collecting information about rascism and extreme right and doing researches. We are online since 1999, our news collection started in 2002. In the last 20 years we developed to a news archive managed by differnt people in several countries. We run this blog and are active on several web2.0 platform.

We’re working together with organisations, initiatives, journalists, antifascists and human right activists. We do not care about skin colours, gender, sexuality, origin etc – but we do care about human rights. So we have nothing in common with hate mongers.

Prohibited and excluded from any usage, distribution or processing of our articles is any use for right-wing extemist or extreme right extreme propaganda or online activitiews offers of any kind.

2023-11-05 Fook Lunkwill

Once upon a time …

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