After critics slammed Google‘s “woke” generative AI system, the company halted the ability of its Gemini tool to create images of people to fix what it acknowledged were “inaccuracies in some historical image generation depictions.” Google’s Gemini, formerly known as Bard, began offering text-to-image generative features this month. The problem appeared to be that, in trying to compensate for gender- and racial-representation bias in AI, the system was creating ahistorical images of people. (…) Other historically anomalous images generated by Google Gemini included Black Vikings; a woman as the Catholic pope; women NHL players; the founders of Google depicted as Asian men; and non-white people in a scene of the U.S.’s Founding Fathers.

via variety: Google Suspends AI Tool’s Image Generation of People After It Created Historical ‘Inaccuracies,’ Including Racially Diverse WWII-Era Nazi Soldiers

siehe auch: GOOGLE SHUTS DOWN AI IMAGE GENERATOR AFTER IT MADE “RACIALLY DIVERSE NAZIS” THIS ALGORITHM IS BUSTED. Faulty Bot Google has paused its AI image generator due to its penchant for creating grossly inaccurate historical illustrations — such as, and no we are not kidding, racially diverse Nazis — that had people howling on social media. Google announced the hiatus for its Gemini AI tool in a post on the social media platform X-formerly Twitter this morning. (…) This isn’t the first time that Google’s Gemini, formerly known as Bard, has floundered under the bright lights of the big stage. Last year, when it was still called Bard, the AI tool spat out inaccurate information during a debut demo, sending the shares of parent company Alphabet downward. Google is basically trying to play catch up with Microsoft-backed OpenAI, which made a huge splash about a week ago with its AI video generator Sora.