Robert Wilson was convicted of inciting discrimination for projecting false conspiracy theory on museum. Court sees it as a form of Holocaust denial. A neo-Nazi group member was given a two-month prison sentence for projecting an antisemitic conspiracy theory on the Anne Frank House Museum, the historic building in Amsterdam where Frank and her family hid from the Nazis during World War II. The building in Amsterdam where Anne Frank and her family lived in hiding for two years. (Shutterstock) Robert Wilson, a Polish-Canadian citizen, was convicted of insulting a group and inciting discrimination for using a laser projector in his van to display the words “Ann [sic] Frank invented the ballpoint pen” on the museum’s wall in February. The words are based on a false conspiracy theory that claims the Jewish girl’s famous diary was not authentic. This caused widespread outrage in the Netherlands, with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte denouncing it as a “reprehensible” act. “We can never and should never accept this,” Rutte wrote on X at the time. The court agreed with him on Thursday. “Given the great symbolic significance of Anne Frank’s diary for the commemoration of the persecution of the Jews, this statement can be regarded as a form of Holocaust denial,” the court said in its ruling.

via hindustantimes: Neo-Nazi man given two-month prison sentence for projecting antisemitic conspiracy theory on Anne Frank house museum