Another group within Germany’s security structures has been found to be inclined toward Nazi imagery. Recklinghausen officials are concerned by this incident, the second in recent months. Prosecutors in Germany have uncovered illegal content including Nazi symbols in chat messages involving five officers from three different police districts.  The discovery was made after searches in North Rhine-Westphalian region.  The five men, aged 22 and 25, are suspected to have exchanged Nazi symbols in chats and possessed child pornography during their training, according to Annette Milk, the chief public prosecutor investigating the case. Three of the accused belong to the police headquarters in Recklinghausen, one each to the police authorities in Kleve and Borken. According to Milk, they came across these chats during investigations into a sixth suspect. The public prosecutor’s office has charged the now-former police officer with exchanging right-wing extremist symbols in chats and possessing and distributing child pornography. After completing his training, he worked for a short time at the police headquarters.

via euronews: Nazi symbols and child pornography found in German police chats