Ethan Melzer, a young Army private, leaked sensitive information about troop movements to a group called Rapewaffen in the hopes of causing a terror attack. A former U.S. Army soldier has been sentenced to 45 years for his satanic neo-Nazi plot to get his countrymen killed by al Qaeda.  Ethan Melzer, 24, was sentenced Friday afternoon s for leaking information to the Order of Nine Angles (O9A), a satanic neo-Nazi group. O9A encourages its followers to take “insight roles” by joining other organizations to obtain information and training, and corrode them from within. The international group has been connected to terrorist plots, murders, racist assaults, and child abuse. In court documents, prosecutors describe it as a  “depraved, white supremacist organization bent on sadistic violence and destroying civilized society.”  Melzer pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring and attempting to murder military service members in summer 2022.  “Ethan Melzer infiltrated the U.S. Army in service of a neo-Nazi, white supremacist, and jihadist group,” said U.S. Attorney Damian Williams in a statement. “He used his membership in the military to pursue an appalling goal: the brutal murder of his fellow U.S. service members in a carefully plotted ambush.” (…) According to court documents, the man was active in several O9A chats for years. In for one of the group’s nexions (the name for their cells) dubbed “Rapewaffen Division.” Using the name “Etil Reggad,” Melzer discussed his training and the finer points of neo-Nazi satanism. Over his time with the group, Melzer grew into a leader in their chat rooms.

via vice: US Soldier Jailed for Satanic Neo-Nazi Plot to Kill Troops in Al Qaeda Attack