An Ontario judge granted bail on Thursday to one of the eight teenage girls charged with killing a 59-year-old man in downtown Toronto, Canada, this month, subject to conditions. The teenager, whose name cannot be published, must surrender her passport, not have a cell phone, stay in Ontario and not go online except for school, among other conditions. Her bail was set at C$9,500 ($7,005.90) with two sureties. Judge Maria Sirivar will give reasons for her bail decision Jan. 10. Register for free to Reuters and know the full story Register now The other seven teens charged in the swarming death appeared briefly in court via video on Thursday morning before being remanded into custody. They are scheduled to appear on Jan. 5. to schedule bail hearings.

via reuters: One of eight teen girls charged in Toronto stabbing death granted bail

siehe auch: 8 Teenage Girls Charged in Stabbing Death of Toronto Man Police say the 59-year-old victim was “swarmed” and stabbed in the city’s downtown by a group of girls who met over social media. Police say a group of teenage girls “swarmed” a man and stabbed him to death in downtown Toronto.  The unidentified man, 59, was living in a shelter and police are still notifying his next of kin. Police said the man was rushed to hospital with stabbing injuries Sunday morning, where he died of his injuries.