The United Universal Fellowship of Faith is a front for predatory white nationalists active in the Atlanta property market. We have previously discussed white nationalist involvement in Atlanta real estate and gentrification, but until now had not covered the “Fellowship”. On December 30, 2019, metro Atlanta racist, Jared Huggins – a member of the now-defunct white nationalist American Identity Movement (AmIM, previously Identity Evropa, IE) – received a vacant lot on Bankhead Highway from the “United Universal Fellowship of Faith” (UUFF). The Fulton County property has been appraised at over $400,000. The deed that transferred the property to Huggins was witnessed by another AmIM/IE militant, Patrick Nelson Sharp, and was notarized by antisemite John Legrand Weatherman, whom we have also discussed previously. The deed for the Bankhead Highway transfer states that Huggins received the property for “one thousand dollars […] and other valuable consideration,” so Huggins may have paid less than market value for the property. Two trustees for UUFF, “A.M. Davies” and “C.J. Harper”, provided signatures authorizing the property transfer. “A.M. Davies” is UK far-Right activist Adrian Michael Davies, a lawyer frequently used by Holocaust-deniers. UUFF has extensive property holdings in Fulton County. In 2016, local alt-paper, Creative Loafing, exposed Adrian Davies’ role as trust administrator for the Beltem Trust, which the paper identified as then owning approximately 20 properties in the Vine City/English Avenue area, as well as other lots throughout the city. A search for The Beltem Trust on Fulton County Board of Assessors site lists roughly the same number of properties (48) as UUFF (47). While some of these records may be outdated, it is clear Adrian Davies’ interests in Atlanta are far from limited to The Beltem Trust. According to the Board of Assessors results, UUFF owns properties in several West Atlanta neighborhoods – for example English Avenue and Westview – as well as elsewhere in the city. (…) With this documentation, we have shown another trust involving London far-Right barrister Adrian Davies that is active in the Atlanta property market. The United Universal Fellowship of Faith owns approximately the same number of properties as Davies’ Beltem Trust, which was exposed by alt-paper Creative Loafing in 2016. Last year’s property transfer from UUFF to white-nationalist Jared Alexander Huggins highlights that UUFF is closely aligned with racist leader Sam Dickson’s broader network in Atlanta. Our research into UUFF led us to John Michael Broadwell, who is currently in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Broadwell owns the address provided on much of UUFF’s paperwork. As well as his activity as an alternative health marketer, Broadwell has historic ties to Sam Dickson and knows another major suit-and-tie racist, Martin K. O’Toole. Our documentation suggests that Broadwell may be the same person as UUFF trustee “CJ Harper”, or is otherwise closely tied to him. We will update this article if further information on “Harper” comes to light. By exposing UUFF as another face of the organized far-Right that is active in Atlanta property and gentrification, we hope to provide a resource for those in Black and multiracial working-class neighborhoods targeted by “Right-wing gentrification gangs.” UUFF’s name obscures its purpose. It is important to highlight the actual function of this so-called “Fellowship”: as a potential funding source for the far-Right, operating alongside Sam Dickson’s broader network. We hope that now the problem has been identified, neighbors can think of how to creatively respond.

via atlantaantifa: What is the United Universal Fellowship of Faith?