On Tuesday, a federal grand jury indicted Arizona resident Mark Adams Prieto, charging him with firearms trafficking, transfer of a firearm for use in a hate crime, and possession of an unregistered firearm. According to authorities, Prieto was planning to stage a mass shooting at a a Bad Bunny concert in Atlanta, hoping to start a race war ahead of this year’s presidential election. The FBI arrested Mark Adams Prieto last month after investigating him for months, as NBC News reports. Last October, an informant told the FBI that 58-year-old Prieto had plans to incite a race war. The informant allegedly talked to Prieto at gun shows over several years — Prieto was a vendor — and claims that Prieto repeatedly endorsed the idea of a mass shooting targeting Black people, Jews, and Muslims. The FBI kept Prieto under surveillance for months, and he allegedly tried to recruit the informant and an undercover FBI agent to help him with a mass shooting at an Atlanta rap concert while selling them guns. Prieto allegedly figured that there would be a lot of Black people at an Atlanta show, and he wanted to put up a high body count and leave Confederate flags behind as a message.

via stereogum: White Supremacist Indicted For Planning Mass Shooting At Bad Bunny Concert “To Incite A Race War”