Following the decision, Dunn’s lawyer said his client was upset at the ruling — not so much the result, but some of the comments made about the officer. Convicted Calgary police officer Alexander Dunn has been dismissed from the service. Adjudicator retired Supt. Paul Manuel on Thursday found Dunn was no longer eligible to be a member of the Calgary Police Service in light of his conviction for assaulting a handcuffed woman during arrest processing. Article content Dunn was found guilty of assault causing bodily harm for body slamming Dalia Kafi face-first to the floor on Dec. 13, 2017, when she resisted his attempts to remove her headscarf while being photographed. Article content Kafi, who later died of an apparent drug overdose just days before the officer’s sentencing, was being processed on minor charges at the time. Video of the assault was made an exhibit and released to the media, which was widely publicized and led to threats against Dunn.

via calgaryherald: Officer who body-slammed handcuffed woman kicked out of the Calgary Police Service

siehe auch: Calgary police officer who slammed handcuffed woman to floor dismissed without pay. A police officer who slammed a handcuffed woman to the ground face first in Calgary six years ago is out of a job. Const. Alex Dunn was found guilty in 2020 of assault causing bodily harm. Dunn had taken Dalia Kafi to Calgary police headquarters in 2017 for allegedly breaking a curfew. A security camera showed him throwing the woman down, her hands handcuffed behind her back, with blood pooling on the ground where her face hit the floor. Kafi died of a suspected overdose in June 2021, days before Dunn received a 30-day conditional sentence that included house arrest. In August, the presiding officer overseeing the disciplinary proceedings for Dunn found the two counts of discreditable conduct under the Police Act were sustained. “On Thursday, Nov. 23, 2023, the presiding officer rendered his penalty decision, ordering that Const. Dunn be dismissed from CPS,” the police service said in a statement Friday.