The detainee printed and sold more than 300 titles on Adolf Hitler, Aryan ‘ethics,’ anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial from his family home in Buenos Aires A man who lived in the northern outskirts of Buenos Aires was operating as Argentina’s largest Nazi material distributor from his family home, federal police announced Wednesday after an investigation lasting nearly two years. According to the authorities, who arrested the suspect after agents staged an undercover purchase operation, he sold more than 300 titles, including Nazi propaganda, works glorifying Adolf Hitler, Holocaust denialism and World War II revisionism, through various websites. The investigation began in mid-2021 following a complaint from the Delegation of Argentine Israelite Associations (DAIA). (…) During the raid in the municipality of San Isidro, in the wealthy northern suburbs of Buenos Aires, authorities seized 222 books, 140 covers for unprinted copies, and two office printers. The haul seized by federal detectives was displayed Wednesday in a room at the headquarters of the Mounted Police Corps in the Argentine capital. Among the titles confiscated were various editions of Mein Kampf and a recruitment manual titled The SS calls you! Investigators also found a wide variety of titles from around twenty different publishers, ranging from Holocaust denial and the bombing of Gernika by Nazi Germany and Francisco Franco’s Nationalists in Spain, to apocryphal biographies of American automobile magnate Henry Ford and Argentine anti-Jewish pamphlets. Many of the books displayed symbols such as swastikas, the Reichsadler — the imperial eagle of German National Socialism — and the Iron Crosses, a military decoration used by the Nazis during World War II.

via el pais: Police arrest Argentina’s biggest online distributor of Nazi propaganda and literature

siehe auch: Argentina Raids Nazi Publisher. Police official says operation made ‘historic seizure’ of material. A publisher near Buenos Aires selling books with antisemitic content was raided and shut down on Wednesday by Argentine authorities in what one official called a “historic seizure” of Nazi material. Libreria Argentina printed and sold Nazi propaganda texts and books with images of swastikas, iron crosses, and the Nazi party’s imperial eagle, Reuters reports. “We are shocked by how profuse the material is,” said Marcos Cohen of the Jewish group that sparked a two-year investigation and the raid, in which one person was arrested. “I don’t remember anything like this being found before.” (…) It’s a crime to display Nazi symbols in Argentina, which has Latin America’s largest Jewish population;