Mr Bond, known for reworking hip hop songs with white supremacist lyrics, has a dedicated far-right international fanbase. Now they’re calling for revenge against journalists and prosecutors. Supporters of a notorious Austrian neo-Nazi rapper known as a “far-right Weird Al” have drawn up an “enemy list” targeting journalists, prosecutors, judges and others they blame for his incarceration. The list, naming 15 individuals, was recently posted on Telegram groups for supporters of “Mr Bond” – the alter ego of Philip Hassler, an Austrian right-wing extremist who has gained a dedicated following among neo-Nazis across the world for his hate anthems. Hassler was known for creating parody versions of hit songs – often hip hop tracks – with violently racist and antisemitic lyrics, creating a potent form of online white supremacist propaganda. (…) In the latest development, the “enemy list” was posted on a Telegram channel for Mr Bond supporters with nearly 1,500 members, singling out 15 individuals who they saw as bearing responsibility for his conviction. The post, viewed by VICE News, targeted “anyone who played a part in the investigation, arrest, prosecution, sentencing, appeal trial, and conviction of Mr Bond,” listing journalists, judges, prosecutors and a court spokesperson.

via vice: Not Great: Fans of Jailed Neo-Nazi Rapper Publish List of ‘Enemies’ Online