Alex Jones described himself as living “in hell,” being part of “a sick joke,” and sinking down into a “black hole” in previously private text messages given to Hatewatch. Content warning: This article contains graphic language, including antisemitic and anti-LGBTQ conspiracy theories. It also contains descriptions of sex and suggestions of domestic violence. Reader discretion is advised. Jones’ life, as revealed in the texts, is overshadowed by a sense of isolation. He appears to chat with almost no one who could be described as a friend, disentangled from his activism or Infowars work. Nearly everyone with whom he corresponds, outside of a few people in his family, connects with Jones through their relationship to Infowars, either as an employee or as another pro-Trump influencer. He sends and receives messages with more than 120 people who fit that description. Jones speaks with over 40 people who provide what could be described as personal services to him, like his personal trainer. Hatewatch has divided our reporting on the texts into a series. This story is part one, and it focuses on what the messages reveal about Jones’ life without the cover of his performance on Infowars. Hatewatch reached out to Jones for a comment on this investigation by text and email. He did not respond, and appeared to block this Hatewatch reporter’s phone number. We will update the story if he decides to provide comment after publication.

via splcenter: Infowars’ Alex Jones Says He Lives ‘in Hell,’ Texts Show

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