Five former students are suing the Melbourne school, alleging a culture of anti-Semitic discrimination. A Melbourne school principal has been accused of giving speeches endorsing Nazis, calling Jewish people subhuman and failing to protect his students from racial discrimination. Five former Brighton Secondary College students are suing the school, alleging they were subjected to years of anti-Semitic bullying, discrimination and negligence. The students, who cannot be named, allege they experienced physical and verbal bullying by students and teachers between 2013 and 2020. Principal Richard Minack and two teachers are also named in the suit. The school was “littered” with swastika graffiti, drawn on students’ hands and desks, the students’ barrister Adam Butt told the Federal Court on Wednesday. Students were subjected to Nazi salutes, he said. Minack allegedly gave multiple speeches endorsing his father and grandfather, who had connections to the German army during World War II, the court heard. “He endorsed his Nazi father as a good man and at least once referred to Jews as subhuman, evil, the N-word,” Butt said.

via 7news: Melbourne school principal accused of endorsing Nazis and calling Jewish people ‘subhuman’