Four men arrested aged 45 to 53 took part in ‘Jew hunt’ in Strasbourg, according to intelligence services. French police have discovered an arsenal of weapons including machine guns after arresting four men suspected of belonging to a neo-Nazi group in the eastern Alsace region, officials said on Friday. About 200 officers detained the men, aged 45 to 53, at their homes on Tuesday near Mulhouse after intelligence services determined the group’s members took part in a “Jew hunt” during a football match in Strasbourg, prosecutor Edwige Roux-Morizot told a press conference. They discovered an “alarming” number of guns – 18 legal and 23 illegal – 167 magazines, 30kg (66lb) of gunpowder and materials for potentially making explosives, she said. The bullet equivalent of “at least 120,000 cartridges” was also found, Lt Col Yann Wanson of the local police unit said

via guardian: French police find machine gun arsenal after arresting neo-Nazi suspects in Alsace

siehe auch: French police find ‘alarming’ neo-Nazi weapons arsenal in Alsace region, Large unit of police arrests four men after finding stash of 18 legal guns, 23 illegal weapons, 167 magazines, materials for making explosives (…) So far investigators have not determined if the men were planning an attack, but antisemitic and Holocaust-denial works were found and computer equipment is being analyzed, Roux-Morizot said. They also discovered equipment for making bullets and over 25,000 euros ($26,800) in cash.