The safety of inauguration day has been called into question as Nazi extremists appeal to US soldiers to become turncoats. Neo-nazi groups have called on US troops to join their cause and murder politicians just hours after the Pentagon reminded its soldiers to “defend the constitution”. The Joint Chiefs of Staff know they have a hate-group crisis in their ranks. They just don’t know how bad. And putting thousands of armed men and women in and around the Capitol on inauguration day could explode in their face. Ousted from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, neo-Nazis have turned to encrypted instant messaging service Telegram to urge their followers to seek out and assassinate politicians. “Strike the iron while it’s hot. The rats have addresses,” one post declares. In particular, they’re targeting National Guard reservists and active-duty members of the military. “Gather your local trusted militia and do what you must to save this country and our people from their hellish claws that clamp down on the souls of us all,” another neo-Nazi account implores. Now the FBI has formally warned state Governors of armed groups planning attacks in all 50 state capitals. Some 20,000 National Guard from across the country is mobilising within Washington DC for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. They’ve been authorised to carry loaded weapons.

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