A Bethlehem Township man who hosted the incendiary podcast “Alt-Right Armory” was sentenced last week to three years and a month in prison from charges stemming from his cache of 13 machine guns. Prosecutors described Joseph Paul Berger as a dangerous man who was fascinated with guns and violence and who hosted an anti-government and anti-law enforcement podcast. He was charged with illegally owning 12 machine guns and 13 silencers. He pleaded guilty to one count each of possession of a machine gun and possession of a non-registered suppressor. (…) Carissimi said in a 2022 court filing that Berger spoke sympathetically about cop killer Eric Frein on his podcast. Berger also said a “white man with a rifle can be very dangerous to the system indeed if he has the right motivation” and talked with a co-host about targeting police, legislators, lobbyists and “left-wing billionaires” for assassination with explosives, according to Carissimi’s court filing.

via lehighvalleylive: ‘Alt-Right Armory’ podcaster gets 3 years in prison for cache of 13 machine guns