On 12 September 2023, the FBI made a Public Service Announcement about a violent extremist group called ‘764’ involved in sextortion and the creation and distribution of child sexual exploitation material. 764 is an esoteric network of threat actors adjacent to the Order of Nine Angles (O9A) – an esoteric militant accelerationist movement. The announcement was accompanied by several arrests of 764 members, including Angel Almeida in  New York; Bradley Cadenhead in Texas; Chandler Pong in Nevada; Kalana Limkin in Hawaii; and a minor in Romania. Analysis of the online activity of O9A and those who adopt their visual aesthetics, such as 764, indicates that there is a significant threat nexus between terrorist and violent extremism content (TVEC) and child sexual exploitation and abuse material (CSAM). This convergence of TVEC and CSAM is mediated through digital platforms and ecosystems, particularly those linked to the gaming space. This Insight draws on ongoing research into O9A and 764 (and the other aliases under which it operates or has been rebranded) to shed light on the hybridisation of harms from the CSAM and TVEC fields and how these threat actors leverage platforms and technologies to commit acts of sextortion, and plan mass casualty incidents. The authors reviewed court records, public chat logs and social media accounts linked to members of these networks. Private chats and channels linked to the 764 network were not reviewed due to all of them containing child abuse material. O9A is a decentralised esoteric militant accelerationist network of threat actors who believe that Western civilisation’s Judeo-Christian heritage corrupts modern society. Thus, they seek to overthrow and replace the current order with a new imperial order based on fascism, Social Darwinism and various interpretations of Satanism. They mostly focus on offline activity and have built online networks to advance their accelerationist and nihilistic goals. O9A’s principal aim is the subversion of civil society through the promotion of a variety of immoral and criminal acts, including sexual violence, animal abuse, and murder. Evidence from open source data we have collected indicates that O9A and 764 have a presence on YouTube, Instagram, Discord, Snapchat, X (formerly Twitter), Telegram, Twitch, TikTok, Steam, Mega, and Roblox. They use these platforms for promotional purposes and recruiting potential members and victims.  Ideological Grounding: The ABC Rites of O9A O9A teachings state that so-called Judeo-Christian values, racial equality, human rights, democracy, communism, and capitalism are intrusive forces opposed to the fulfilment of the ‘Imperium’ and subsequent ascendancy of the Aryan race and must therefore be destroyed from within through esoteric rituals and direct action. The esoteric practices of O9A often combine Hitler worship with occultist trappings and encourage adherents to commit violence, rape, child sexual exploitation, and even the ‘culling’ (read: murder) of human victims to undermine civilisation. O9A embraces all forms of terrorism; though most reporting has been on their association with white supremacy, they have also embraced radical jihadism.

via gnet: The Intersection of Terrorism, Violent Extremism, and Child Sexual Exploitation