Am 6. Januar 2021 war Harry Dunn beim Sturm auf das US-Kapitol im Einsatz. Jetzt will er für einen Sitz dort kandidieren – um Donald Trump zu stoppen. Beim Sturm auf das Kapitol am 6. Januar 2021 verteidigte der damalige Polizeibeamte Harry Dunn den US-Kongress – nun will er dort einen Sitz als Politiker ergattern. Dunn will im Bundesstaat Maryland kandidieren. Seine Motivation heißt Donald Trump. Kurz vor dem dritten Jahrestag des tödlichen Aufstands erklärte Dunn auf X: »Am 6. Januar habe ich als Kapitol-Polizist unsere Demokratie gegen Aufrührer verteidigt. Danach ehrte mich Präsident Biden mit der Presidential Citizens Medal. Heute kandidiere ich für den Kongress, um Trumps Maga-Extremisten zu stoppen und sicherzustellen, dass so etwas nie wieder passiert.«

via spiegel: Drei Jahre nach Kapitolsturm Polizist schützte den US-Kongress, nun will er für ihn kandidieren

siehe auch: Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn launches bid for Congress. Former Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn on Friday announced his campaign for an open U.S. House seat in Maryland. Why it matters: Dunn, whose announcement comes on the eve of the third anniversary of the deadly Capitol attack, gave gripping 2021 testimony to the Jan. 6 committee about fighting off rioters; Former Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn announces bid for Congress. One of the most prominent and outspoken figures in the aftermath of the January 6, 2021, attack hopes to return to the US Capitol with a new job title: Congressman. Former US Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, who was on duty during the January 6 attack and who later testified to the House January 6 select committee, confirmed to CNN that he is running for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. Dunn is one of just a handful of officers who have publicly spoken out about the violence he and other members of law enforcement experienced that day, and the profound and lasting impact it’s had on him. “Obviously, my experiences on January 6 I saw firsthand democracy under attack,” Dunn told CNN. “It’s no exaggeration to say we are one election away from the extinction of our democracy as we know it right now.” Despite the trauma, Dunn, a 15-year veteran of the force, continued to work as a Capitol Police officer until he stepped down several weeks ago. He says part of the reason he’s running is because former President Donald Trump could be reelected. “I believe that as a Capitol Police Officer, I’ve exhausted everything that I could do in that role, in that capacity to fight, for accountability, to fight for justice, to preserve our democracy, to fight for a democracy,” Dunn said. Dunn has also blamed Trump for the Capitol insurrection. “I wanna do everything in my power that I can do to fight back against him,” Dunn said. “As a congressman, that gives me a seat at the table now to hold him accountable.”