The comedienne appeared at Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest event in Phoenix She has been campaigning for former president Trump’s reelection   Barr, 71, has previously been accused of racism and anti-Semitism. Roseanne Barr professed her support for former president Donald Trump as she went on a bizarre rant about communists, Nazis and a Muslim takeover. The comedienne, 71, took the stage at conservative group Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest event in Phoenix, Arizona, over the weekend – and once again stirred controversy with her political takes. ‘I’m just all in [with Trump] because I know if I ain’t all in, they’re going to put my a** in a gulag… And I don’t wanna go to a re-education camp and have to give all my money to a bunch of losers that never know how [to] get a job,’ Barr told the audience. ‘If we don’t stop these horrible communists, Stalinists, with a huge helping of Nazi-fascist thrown in. Plus one caliphate to replace every Christian democracy on Earth now! Occupy! Do you know that?’ the actress added as the crowd of young conservatives went quiet.  Barr continued: ‘We don’t care which party is wrong, we know they’re both nothing but crap! They’re both on the take! They’re both stealing us blind! We just want the truth about everything we fought and died and suffered to protect!’ (…) Clips of Barr’s speech have gone viral online, with many mocking the actress and others showing concern for her wellbeing. One X user said: ‘If Roseanne Barr had a single person in her life who gave a damn about her they’d make sure she was getting the professional help she needs.’ Another added: ‘When you’re so crazy you lose the Charlie Kirk crowd.’ It’s far from Barr’s first controversy – she was slammed earlier this year ‘over reprehensible and irresponsible’ comments after she sarcastically claimed ‘nobody died in the Holocaust.’

via dailymail: Roseanne Barr tells Turning Point USA conference she’s ‘all in for Trump’ before launching into bizarre rant about conspiracy of communist Nazis replacing Christian democracies with a Muslim caliphate

siehe auch: Roseanne Barr leaves AmericaFest crowd stunned with unhinged rant about communists, Nazis Roseanne Barr has gone viral for an onstage rant, where she railed about “horrible communists” and “Nazi fascists”. Former child star’s surprising confession ‘Graphic’ photo of Jimmy Barnes’ recovery Star’s appearance shocks viewers Roseanne Barr stunned an audience in the US by saying that “horrible communists” and “Nazi fascists” will bring a Muslim caliphate across the globe. The controversial comedian appeared Saturday at a Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest in Phoenix billed by the conservative group as “​the largest celebration of our constitutional rights and freedoms”. She took the stage with a wobble and began by declaring that she’s “all in for President Trump”, the New York Post reports.. (…) Video of her speech shared on X by Ron Filipkowski, editor-in-chief of media outlet MeidasTouch, has been viewed more than 2 million times. “Roseanne Barr appears to have had several cocktails and is screaming about Stalinists and communists and Nazis and by the time she gets to a Muslim Caliphate taking over the world the crowd is left in stunned silence,” he captioned the post. The four-day AmericaFest takes place in various locations across the US and Rolling Stone described this year’s event in Phoenix as “infested with antisemitism”. On Saturday, it wrote that many of the speakers, including Barr, have expressed a “distrust, distaste, or outright hatred of Jewish people”.