A sea of American flags, some with the Star of David, dotted the landscape at State Road 40 and Beach Street in Ormond Beach Saturday afternoon as more than 30 counterprotesters gathered in support of the local Jewish community. The group was there to counter an expected demonstration by the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement against Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood. No Nazis showed up, but Chitwood did. Chitwood shook hands with each one of the counterprotesters and thanked them for coming. What did he think about a notorious national extremist group protesting against him? “It goes with the territory. I signed up for this 35 years ago, you know, what I didn’t sign up for was what has been occurring with my family by cowardly, faceless scumbags who are on the internet, you know, pushing all this stuff out,” he said. Since the sheriff has declared war on hate groups, he has dealt with death threats but his family has been targeted as well. So far three people, including a man from San Diego last night, have been jailed for making death threats against the sheriff. Authorities brought Tyler Meyer, 30, to the Volusia County jail on Friday night. Meyer is charged with threatening to kill Chitwood and was being held on $100,000 bail.

via news-journaline: Nazis a no-show for rally against Volusia Sheriff Mike Chitwood. But he showed up