A NEO-NAZI faces jail after becoming the first British police officer to be convicted of a terror crime. PC Ben Hannam, 22, hid his membership of the fascist group National Action when he joined the Metropolitan Police. He was also found guilty of fraud by lying on his application and vetting forms as well as having terror documents detailing knife combat and how to make bombs. Hannam admitted possessing an indecent image of a child. Yesterday he showed no emotion as an Old Bailey jury found him guilty. Judge Anthony Leonard, QC, warned him he faces jail when he is sentenced on April 23. The rookie PC, who was arrested last March and suspended, will now be sacked. The apparent ease of his entry into Britain’s largest force has prompted a nationwide review of vetting and application procedures.
He signed up for the London branch of National Action in March 2016. Nine months later, NA was banned after it glorified the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox. But Hannam continued to meet NA leaders, attended its woodland boxing camp and sprayed NA graffiti. The Hitler-worshipping group preaches hatred of Jews. In July 2017, Hannam applied to join the Met and denied he had been a member of the British National Party or similar organisation. His NA links came to light when data from an extreme right wing forum was publicly leaked.

via express: Neo-Nazi policeman faces jail for terror crime

siehe auch: Neo-Nazi police officer convicted of belonging to banned terror group. “I’m not racist, I just don’t like people who’s skin is darker than mine!” A rookie has become the first British police officer to be convicted of belonging to a neo-Nazi terrorist organisation.Pc Ben Hannam, 22, was found guilty of membership of banned right-wing extremist group National Action (NA) following a trial at the Old Bailey. (…) The ideology of NA was described in court as based on “Aryan purity” and hatred of non-white groups, particularly Jews.Members venerated Adolf Hitler as a “divine figure” and celebrated violence, including war and genocide, the court heard.In his first post on Iron March, Hannam wrote that he was “completely swayed” by NA.He went on to try to recruit a new member via Iron March saying it is “always good for more people to join, means we can arrange more stuff which is just more fun for everybody!”He told him that most NA guys agreed the “Hitler was right” slogan was “a bit too edgy” but added: “Then again it is pretty funny and we all know our stance on the big man.”