Avideo has emerged that allegedly shows Riley Williams—the woman accused of stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop during the Capitol riots—giving a Nazi salute. The short clip, obtained by Bellingcat, shows a woman alleged to be Williams, with her face covered by a skull mask of the type often worn by neo-Nazi groups such as Atomwaffen. The woman is wearing a hat featuring the Sonnenrad, or Black Sun, far-right symbol. In the video, the woman dances to music while a voice plays over the top stating: “Hammer was right all along. There is no political solution. All that is left is acceleration. Heil Hitler.” The woman then gives a Nazi salute while a negative color filter is added to the clip and her eyes glow—a visual effect often used in far-right imagery and known as “fashwave.” The “Hammer” mentioned is believed to be a neo-Nazi channel on the encrypted messaging service Telegram. Although the woman in the video does not show her face or speak, a joint investigation by Bellingcat and NBC News has gathered enough evidence for them to identify her as Williams, the 22-year-old who faces decades in jail if convicted for her alleged role in the January 6 attack. This evidence includes social media posts of Williams posing in a skull mask, including one in which she appears to be wearing the same dress as the one seen in the Nazi salute video. She has also expressed support for white supremacy and white nationalists in online posts. In the photo with the dress and skull mask, Williams also appears to be wearing the same pair of glasses as she wore on January 6 at the Capitol. Williams is also identifiable by a tattoo on her side, which can be seen in videos she has posted online. These clips appear to have been filmed in the same room as the “Heil Hitler” video.

via bewsweek Woman Accused of Stealing Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop Appears in Video Making Nazi Salute

siehe auch: Woman Accused of Stealing Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop Appears in Video Making Nazi Salute. On January 6, 2021, Riley June Williams, a 22-year-old home care worker from Pennsylvania, was one of roughly 800 rioters who breached the US Capitol building in Washington D.C. While many engaged in property damage and violence that day, Williams’ case stands out given her ex-partner has alleged to the FBI that she stole a laptop from Nancy Pelosi’s office. This former boyfriend also alleges that her goal was to sell the laptop to a Russian intelligence agency, a claim January court documents say “remains under investigation,” but which has been denied by Williams’ lawyer who accuses the former partner of seeking revenge. While Williams has not been charged with stealing the laptop itself, something she also denies, she faces multiple charges including violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds as well aiding/abetting others to “embezzle, steal, purloin.” Footage from January 6 released by ITV News shows Williams urging rioters upstairs towards Congressional offices. In one video from inside Pelosi’s office, a voice that the FBI states it believes to be Williams’ says “dude, put on gloves” before a gloved hand takes a laptop from a table. The affidavit links to a thread of captured Discord posts from a user named Riley bragging, “STOLE SHITT FROM NANCY POLESI [sic]”. In an interview with ITV on January 16, Williams’ mother described her daughter as getting caught up in the moment. She noted that Riley had been radicalized on far-right message boards but described her daughter’s main political goal as, “…wanting America to get the correct information”.  However, Bellingcat has since received information that suggests that Williams was more than just a Trump supporter caught up in the maelstrom. She is somebody who posted racist and Anti-Semitic content as well as filmed a video that appears openly pro-Nazi and promotes accelerationism (speeding up the collapse of society) as a pathway towards establishing a genocidal white supremacist state. (…) The 36-second video opens with a young woman dancing in a dress while wearing a hat, glasses and a mask decorated with a skull. These skullmasks were adopted as a symbol by Atomwaffen and similar accelerationist Nazi terrorist groups back in 2017. Her hat features a Sonnenrad, or Black Sun, an occult Nazi symbol also popular with Atomwaffen. Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant wore a Sonnenrad patch on his body armor while massacring 51 people on New Zealand’s South Island in 2019. The video also features a book on the Waffen SS at the woman’s feet. She dances to techno music for several seconds, while a voice narrates the video: “Hammer was right all along. There is no political solution. All that is left is acceleration. Heil Hitler.”