The pro-Trump lawyer asked an ‘Army of Patriots’ on Telegram to dig up dirt on officials who will decide whether he is disbarred or not. Pro-Trump lawyer and major QAnon booster Lin Wood has urged hundreds of thousands of his supporters to dig up dirt on Georgia officials who will decide if he should be disbarred or not — and to help them in their research, Wood published the officials’ addresses on social media. In a 1,600-page filing, the State Disciplinary Board of the State Bar of Georgia said that it had “received information concerning the above-named attorney that suggests that said attorney may have violated one or more of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct.” News The complaint centers on the “frivolous filings in numerous courts” that Wood — together with Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani — made in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s election loss last November. In total 62 lawsuits were filed, with the Trump team winning just a single one. The filing, dated Feb. 5 and marked confidential, was revealed only when Wood posted it on social media on Saturday. Wood, who is one of the most prominent boosters of the dangerous QAnon movement, was kicked off Twitter last month for spreading baseless election fraud allegations, but quickly reestablished his online presence on Telegram, where his channel now has almost 800,000 followers. After posting the complaint, Wood then asked his supporters for help to uncover any dirt on the Georgia State Bar officials who will be deciding if he is fit to practice law. Wood told his followers that he has the right to challenge the “competency, qualifications or objectivity” of any member of the State Disciplinary Board, but for this tactic to work, he has to file any issues within 10 days. 

via vice: Lin Wood Doxed Georgia Officials to Hundreds of Thousands of QAnon Supporters