Feuerkrieg Division was founded by an Estonian boy, 13, known as ‘Commander’. Group calls for a ‘white jihad’ against Jews, Muslims and the LGBT community. Britain’s youngest terrorist set up a UK branch of the group when he was just 13. The far-right Feuerkrieg Division was founded by a 13-year-old Estonian schoolboy, who calls for the ‘rape of Christian nuns in Hitler’s name,’ from his bedroom in the Baltic former Soviet state. The youngster, who cannot be named or prosecuted because of his age, has recruited followers from across the world, first in neighbouring countries such as Russia and Latvia, but with increasing membership from the UK, Canada and the USA. The FKD is a white supremacist organisation that has called for a ‘white jihad’ against minority groups including Jews, Muslims, gays and lesbian, religious leaders and the police. Taking much of its ideology from notorious US neo-Nazi James Mason, the group honours some of the most notorious racist murders from recent times.
Earlier today a 16-year-old boy became the UK’s youngest convicted terrorist after he admitted to offences that began as young as 13, including masterminding the British cell of FKD from his grandmother’s cottage in Cornwall. (…) FKD members have praised Brenton Tarrant, who killed 51 Muslims in an attack on mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, Dylann Roof who murdered nine black including a pastor in the Charleston shootings in South Carolina, USA in 2015, Anders Behring Breivik who shot dead 69 young members of a liberal political party including many from ethnic minorities on the Norwegian island of Utoya in 2011 and the notorious Uni-bomber Timothy McVeigh who murdered 168 and left 680 injured when he blew up a the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, USA, in 1995. Operating via social media and using assumed names the group calls for the harm, kidnap and even execution of their enemies.

via mirror: Neo Nazi Feuerkrieg Division – which counted Britain’s youngest terrorist among its members – is run by a 13-year-old Estonian boy who calls for the ‘rape of Christian nuns in Hitler’s name’

siehe auch: Teenage leader of neo-Nazi group is UK’s youngest terror offender. Boy from Cornwall whose offending began at 13 and who founded UK branch of FKD will be sentenced next week.The boy appeared by video link before the Old Bailey in London and admitted 12 offences. The teenage leader of a neo-Nazi group has been convicted over offending that began at the age of 13, making him the youngest person in the UK known to have committed a terrorist offence. The boy, from Cornwall, who cannot be identified, appeared before the Old Bailey in London via video link on Monday and admitted 12 offences – two of dissemination of terrorist documents and 10 of possession of terrorist material.

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History of FKD
Feuerkrieg Division (FKD) is an international neo-Nazi terrorist organization which has modeled itself after the US based neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division. The group’s membership spans at least 15 countries and its members range from age 14 to 40. To date, many of its members have been arrested, yet the remaining 30 or so continue to organize with the ultimate aim of exterminating non-Whites and executing terrorist acts in order to spark a system collapse and race war. The Feuerkrieg Division found its start on October 20, 2018 as an online accelerationist, Siege-type neo-Nazi group. FKD was created by a fascist from Estonia going by “Commander” and a fascist from the Netherlands, “Wolfram.” To our knowledge, the two never met in real life. For reasons unknown to us, by June 2019, “Wolfram” had dropped from the group he helped to co-create. It is unclear if he left the group or was pushed out. Following Commander’s controversial exit, a member using the alias “Azazel” quickly took lead of the remaining members. “Azazel” shared his leadership role with a high school student from Spokane, WA who operated as “Berserker” (AKA Genosside; AKA AnCap Nick), despite currently being under investigation for his targeting of a Spokane church with FKD propaganda. On January 15th, 2020, a message was posted on the official Feuerkrieg Division Telegram channel which announced a pause in “recruiting operations for an undefined amount of time.” The message came after a string of arrests and paranoia within the group. Another announcement went out over the FKD Telegram channel on February 8, 2020, claiming that FKD was officially dissolving. However, antifascist infiltration efforts reveal that this was misinformation. Inside official chats hosted on the secure messaging program Riot, members were busy brainstorming a catchy new name for their neo-Nazi terror group. Members intentionally put out messages on Telegram as an attempt to distance the group from its ongoing legal entanglements. Although a new name for the same group has not yet been decided on, a new structure has been discussed. The “new” Feuerkrieg Division would be tiered, consisting of a more mainstream public facing group that could appeal to centrists and conservatives, and an internal “strike team” made up of long term members who are willing to carry out acts of violence. This internal group would attempt to “Siege-pill” and recruit new members from the mainstream right pool.