A recent Zoom meeting held by the Black Caucus student group at Penn State University was hijacked by 51 people — “white supremacists and Nazis,” the caucus said — who used racial and homophobic slurs, anti-Semitic and white supremacist language, screamed and exposed themselves during a call to recruit new members. In an open letter to the Penn State community sent Friday, the Black Caucus called Wednesday’s attack during its Spring Involvement Fair a “traumatic and horrific event” and said it “reported and removed each intruder, and contacted Penn State administration immediately after.” The Black Caucus, which was founded in 1967, said incidents involving white supremacists targeting Black students is not uncommon at Penn State’s main campus in State College, Pa. The caucus claims that a Black student was beaten by nine white people on College Avenue in 1987. Three years later in 1990, two Black men were forced to defend themselves against five white men hurling racial slurs, also on College Avenue, it said. Then, in 2001, the caucus’s female president needed a security escort on campus after receiving death threats. In the latest incident, the caucus did not specify what was said but called the attack verbal and visual and said the intruders “exposed themselves in a sexual manner.” The organization called the attack another example of injustice that people of color face. “The coordinated, hateful attack is also not isolated,” the letter says. “This country has consistently failed us systemically, resulting in racial injustices in every sector of life. Throughout the nation and here in Central Pennsylvania, we have seen a rise in recent years of hate crimes and hate-driven radicalization that have resulted in hostility, harm and violence toward Black and brown people.

via post-gazette: Black student group at Penn State claims Zoom call attacked by ‘white supremacists and Nazis’

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