The Women for America First cross-country tour spent the weeks before its Jan. 6 event spreading election lies and, on occasion, calling for violence. Behind the violent insurrection at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6 lies a group many Americans have never heard of: Women for America First. This group, founded by Trump loyalists and supported by the former president, not only obtained the permit for the rally where former President Donald Trump told the crowd to march on the Capitol, but also spent the weeks leading up to it on a 20-city bus tour, spreading incendiary propaganda, lies, and hate across an American tinderbox. Women for America First’s bus tour was one of the biggest and best-funded efforts to bring people to Washington, DC, for Jan. 6. It was promoted by Trump on Twitter, and attracted thousands of in-person attendees and potentially millions more who watched livestreams on YouTube, Facebook, and Periscope.
Setting out in late November, the “March for Trump” bus tour hit more than 20 cities before culminating in the Washington rally that would escalate into a deadly insurrection at the Capitol. Many participants in the bus tour attended that rally, and at least one was involved in the ensuing coup attempt. None of Women for America First’s leaders have been charged with crimes relating to the mob violence of that day. And after the insurrection, the organization took its March for Trump bus tour website offline and issued a statement condemning the violence. It did not respond to multiple phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages requesting comment. But BuzzFeed News reviewed more than 20 hours of footage of the bus tour events dating back to November and found that organizers, rallygoers, and guest speakers — some of them government officials — propagated lies and conspiracies, and stoked fear at every stop, helping to lay the groundwork for the deadly insurrection.

via buzzfeednews: The Road To The Capitol Insurrection Was Paved With MAGA Disinformation