Members of Danish biker club Muju and Co stand guard at a Jewish cemetery in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo: Courtesy of Muju and Co Facebook page. A group of Jewish and Muslim bikers came together this week in the Danish capital of Copenhagen to protect a Jewish cemetery in the city from a feared far-right attack. Members of the motorcycle club Muju and Co patrolled the Jewish section of the Vestre Kirkegård in Copenhagen on Monday night — the 82nd anniversary of the Nazi-sanctioned “Reichspogromnacht” that devastated Jewish communities in Germany and Austria with violence and arson. When the anniversary fell in 2019, more than 80 graves in the Jewish section of the cemetery were vandalized by far-right thugs. In an interview with The Copenhagen Post, the Muju and Co chairman — who gave his name as “Dan” — explained that the group described itself as the world’s first Jewish-Muslim biker club, with the aim of promoting “understanding, unity and interest in motorcycles among religious-ethnic minorities.”

via algemeiner: Jewish-Muslim Biker Gang Protects Jewish Cemetery in Copenhagen From Far-Right Attacks