White supremacist New Zealander Philip Neville Arps has been arrested while visiting a home brew shop next to a mosque for allegedly breaching the strict conditions of his prison release. Arps, 45, was jailed for 21 months last year after he sent the banned video of the Christchurch terror attack to 30 people, and asked a friend to modify it by adding cross-hairs and a “kill count”. He was released in January, but remains subject to strict conditions prohibiting him from going near any mosques in New Zealand or having contact with anyone in the Muslim community. Arps was arrested in Christchurch on Tuesday morning after he was allegedly spotted near the Linwood Islamic Centre, where seven people were killed in last year’s attack. (…) There was also clear evidence Arps was thinking about ways to get around his release conditions, which prohibited use of the internet, and he had demonstrated a lack of respect for the court and any orders made by the court, the judge said.
“[Arps’] continued references to violence, killing, weapons, revenge, vengeance, striking back and hatred of certain ethic groups in the time leading up to his release are both concerning and disturbing. This is a matter that clearly increases the risk of reoffending when released from prison and demonstrates the need to provide for the interests of his victims.” Meanwhile, former National Front leader Kyle Chapman was spoken to by police after joining a protest outside the justice precinct on Tuesday. The protesters have been touting conspiracies about the terror attack.

via smh: Christchurch police arrest white supremacist as security beefed up