Wiley has been removed from YouTube following his anti-Semitic tirade. The Wearing My Rolex rapper launched into an offensive tirade about the Jewish community last month, which included comparing them to the Ku Klux Klan and tweeting that ‘Israel is not yours’. It prompted an investigation from the Metropolitan Police and bans from social media sites Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. With few platforms to utilise, Wiley began uploading rants on his YouTube channel sparking further outrage. However, the account no longer appears on the website following mounting calls for YouTube to ban the grime star. Addressing the move, a YouTube spokesperson told Metro.co.uk: ‘Following repeated violations, YouTube has terminated Wiley’s channels from our platform.’ According to YouTube, two of Wiley’s videos around hate speech were struck from his channels and he was banned from uploading for seven days. However, he attempted to get around this by uploading content to a new channel.

via metro: Wiley’s channels removed from YouTube following his anti-Semitic comments