James Nash, 42, a parish councillor who was shot in Upper Enham on Wednesday, has died in hospital. His mother, Gillian, posted a tribute on Facebook, praising him as ‘a beautiful, talented son and brother’. ‘Troubled’ Alex Sartain, 34, shot Mr Nash with a ‘homemade gun’ after believing he was spying on him. Sartain ‘liked’ Nazi pages on Facebook, including one dedicated to the leader of a Berlin stormtrooper group. A ‘beautiful and talented’ parish councillor has died today after he was shot by a a Nazi fanatic who thought he was a ‘government agent’ and hated the police. Police have launched a murder investigation following the death of James Nash, 42, who was shot by ‘troubled’ Alex Sartain, 34, with a ‘handmade gun’ in the front garden of his £600,000 thatched cottage in the Hampshire hamlet of Upper Enham, near Andover. (…) The gunman ‘liked’ various Nazi pages on his Facebook, including one dedicated to Horst Wessel, a leader of the stormtroopers in Berlin. Wessel was made Nazi martyr by propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels after he was killed in 1930. He also liked a page for Adolf Galland, a German Luftwaffe general, and another titled ‘I HATE POLICE’. Locals understand that Sartain’s family, did not have specific issues with Mr Nash personally. Mr Nash suffered serious head injuries in the attack, with his wife Dr Sarah Nash, a senior space scientist, sustaining minor injuries. One local claimed Mr Nash wanted an ideal country life as an artist ‘in his little cottage house’ after quitting the aerospace industry and had complained about work carried out by locals who owned businesses nearby.

via dailymail: Police launch murder probe after children’s book author who was shot dead by Nazi-fanatic neighbour – as mother mourns ‘beautiful, talented son’