Andrew Howard now finds himself in jail. A man found with hoards of Nazi paraphernalia has been jailed for eight weeks after writing racist abuse at a prospective neighbour who wanted to move in across the road. 52-year-old Andrew Howard had watched the family from his doorstep as they viewed the empty house. The next day, he spray painted ‘We don’t want Muslims here’ across the front of the property, alongside signs stating: “No Muslims here, f* off”, and “you’re not wanted here, you Musrat scum, f* off back to your own country,” Manchester Magistrates Court heard. The family were going to move into the house but, after Howard’s racist graffiti, decided against it. A police search of Howard’s house revealed a vast array of racist items such as Nazi flags – that were hung inside – a hanging picture of Adolf Hitler, swastikas and copies of ‘Mein Kampf’. Officer’s also discovered a room containing ‘sophisticated radio equipment’ and numbers – the door to the room had a sign reading: “Do good for the community – shoot a P***”. In a victim personal statement, the father of the family who viewed the house said: “We no longer want to move into the address.

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