The neo-Nazi organisation advocates the use of mass murder ‘in pursuit of an apocalyptic race war’ and UK supporters can be jailed for 10 years. Far-right group Feuerkrieg Division has been proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the UK, meaning that its supporters could face up to 10 years in jail. The British government described Feuerkrieg Division as a white supremacist group that advocated the use of mass murder and violence “in pursuit of an apocalyptic race war and promote their ideology online, often using social media platforms to target teens and people in their early 20s”. The group was founded in late 2018 and is active in North America and Europe. Last September UK police arrested a 16-year-old follower of the group on terrorism charges. In response Feuerkrieg Division disseminated a list of police buildings to be attacked and an image of a senior police officer with a gun pointed at his head and the words “race traitor” across his eyes. Home Secretary Priti Patel earlier this week asked Parliament for permission to proscribe the group. “This vile white-supremacist group advocates violence and seeks to sow division, targeting young and vulnerable people online,” she said.

via thenational: Britain outlaws white-supremacist Feuerkrieg Division as terrorist group

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