Samuel Woodward’s trial in southern California has entered its second month  The young man stands accused of viciously murdering a gay Jewish teen. A young man charged with killing a gay Jewish teen in Southern California this week told a court how the pair connected on Tinder. Samuel Woodward – who grew up in a conservative, religious family where he is said to have developed homophobic and anti-Semitic ideals – attended the Orange County School of the Arts with his victim Blaze Bernstein.  Woodward, now 26, recounted how he matched with a then 19-year-old Blaze on Tinder in 2017, became nervous and unmatched him before re-matching six months later.  What began on Tinder led to a Snapchat correspondence between the then-teenage boys that ultimately to an encounter on January 2, 2018, after which Blaze was never seen alive again. His body was found stabbed 28 times and Woodward, who has pleaded not guilty to the murder, was arrested two weeks later. (…) According to Woodward’s testimony, the pair then went to a park in Lake Forest. Days later, Bernstein was found in a shallow grave with 28 stab marks.

via daily mail: Closeted Neo-Nazi accused of killing gay Jewish California teen tells court how he matched with the victim on Tinder