Neo Nazi Gareth Waite, 47, is set to be sentenced next month after being convicted by a jury of four counts of transmitting a terrorist publication electronically, among others. A neo-Nazi who shared a document on ethnic cleansing and bragged his hometown was “97% white” faces a prison sentence. Gareth Waite, 47, uploaded several ‘strategy’ documents relating to a proscribed far-right terrorist organisation National Action, jurors heard. The terrorist publications included The Anarchist Handbook, How to Start and Train a Militia Unit, CIA explosives for sabotage manual, and 100 deadly skills. Police began their investigations into the Welshman after he boasted about the number of white people in his hometown of Cardigan. He had also uploaded an ethnic cleansing operation’ document, as well as two National Action strategy documents and Adolf Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf. Prosecutor Maryam Syed, KC, earlier said: “In August 2019 somebody with the username 8bit uploaded to the world future mx website the following documents. National Action is a far right neo-Nazi organisation and is based in the UK. (…) “8bit also had accounts on something called Keybase and world truth mx social. World truth mx media – it’s a social media site and it’s a free speech site and it is populated predominantly with right wing content. These are social media platforms. When the police checked the accounts the username ‘8bitkek’ stated in its biography: National Socialist Wales.”

via mirror: Neo-Nazi shared ‘Ethnic Cleansing Operations’ documents and ‘CIA explosives for sabotage’ manual