R Derek Black’s father, former KKK Grand Wizard Don Black, runs the Neo-Nazi hate site Stormfront Black appeared on The Jenny Jones Show at the age of 10 to defend the Klan As revealed in a new book, Black now identifies as transgender and uses they/them pronouns. R Derek Black, the child of former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Don Black and a onetime poster boy for the white supremacist movement, has quietly come out as transgender. DailyMail.com can now exclusively reveal that in the epilogue of Black’s new book, The Klansman’s Son: My Journey from White Nationalism to Antiracism, they come out for the first-time as a transgender person who uses they/them pronouns. Black, 35, was already a well-known figure by the age of 10, when they appeared on The Jenny Jones talk show alongside white power leaders from the notoriously racist and homophobic Westboro Baptist Church. And as a boy, Black contributed to a kids’ section of Stormfront.org – the neo-Nazi hate site run his by father. But now, Black writes that attending the famously liberal New College in Sarasota, Florida from 2010 contributed to their ’emerging understanding of my gender identity’ and disillusionment with the white supremacist movement. ‘[New College’s] culture and the people I met there helped me accept that I fit under the trans umbrella,’ Black says. Black reveals their ideological evolution continued when they started dating a Jewish woman, despite the fact that the Black family were ‘some of the most famous antisemitic activists in the country.’ Through long, often challenging conversations with Allison Gornik – Black’s now-wife – they started to take their first tentative steps away from the neo-Nazi movement. And in 2013, Black wrote a letter renouncing white nationalism.

via daily mail: Former Ku Klux Klan poster boy reveals new trans identity: Explosive memoir details how son of KKK Grand Wizard escaped white supremacy cult and embraced ‘gender confusion’