Supporters of neo-fascism, dressed in black uniforms, marched through cities in northern Italy, where Mussolini was arrested and executed at the end of World War II. The walk was also held in Mussolini’s hometown of Predapi. Mussolini was found by partisans in the town of Dongo on the shores of Lake Como on April 27, 1945, in an attempt to escape with his lover Klara Petači. Neo-fascists marched through Dongo today and laid 15 roses in the lake in memory of the ministers and officials of the Mussolini administration who were executed there.

via breakinglatest: Nazis paid tribute to Mussolini in Italy

siehe auch: Neo-fascists mourn Mussolini on Lake Como. Around two hundred people flocked to Mezzegra-Giulino, on Lake Como on Sunday morning to celebrate the 79th anniversary of the death of the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. The Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and his lover Clara Petacci were executed by the Italian resistance in the village of Messagre-Giulino on 28 April 1945. On Sunday in Dongo, a city on Lake Como where Mussolini and Petacci were arrested, neo-fascists dressed in black marched to place 15 roses on the water, in memory of the ministers and officials of the Mussolini government who were executed there. They then raised their arms in the Roman salute and shouted a fascist song. Police separated the neo-fascist demonstrators from hundreds of protestors who sang the famous Italian anti-fascist song “Bella Ciao” during the ceremony for Mussolini. Demonstrations were also recorded in Predappio, the birthplace and burial site of Mussolini. The ceremony to memorialise Mussolini took place while Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni announced at a conference of her Fratelli d’Italia party in Pescara that she will stand as a candidate in the European elections.