An officer who allegedly cut of a terror suspect’s ear wore a neo-Nazi patch  The patch appears to be a variant of the Black Sun patch  The symbol was most famously used by Heinrich Himmler. The ISIS terrorist who had his ear cut off and forced fed to him was tortured by Russian military officers who wore patches linked with neo-Nazi ideaology.  Terror suspect Saidakrami Murodalii Rachabalizoda, one of four men accused of killing nearly 140 people at a concert in Moscow on Friday, was caught and tortured by Russian authorities trying to flee Russia after helping carry out the deadliest ISIS attack against Russia in years.  But photos shared to Nazi-linked Telegram channels have revealed that the military officer who apparently cut his ear off and tried to force him to eat it wore a variant of a Black Sun patch.  A photo shared to Nazi-linked Telegram channel ‘TopaZ Says’ shows a Russian soldier holding a short, bloodied knife that appears to match the knife used to slice off Rachabalizoda’s ear, in footage too gruesome for MailOnline to share.  The knife can be seen next to a partially obscured gold-and-black patch. While the centre is obscured by a young man’s smiling face, the offshoots of the patch are still visible.  The patch appears to denote a variant of the Black Sun.

via daily mail: Moscow concert terrorists ‘were tortured by neo-Nazi Russian officer’: Soldier who cut off killer’s ear ‘wore patch supporting far-right group’