A teenage neo-Nazi Satanist who had videos of a girl cutting his name into her body has been jailed for child abuse and terrorism offences. Vincent Charlton’s mobile phone contained videos of a 13-year-old girl in the US and messages between them ‘demonstrate the control Vincent exerted over a vulnerable young child’. The 17-year-old, from Birtley, near Chester-le-Street, also had videos of very young children being raped and sexually abused. Detective Superintendent Matt Davison, from Counter Terrorism Policing North East, said: “The broad spectrum of extremist content online and its influence on young people is an ongoing concern. “We’re increasingly seeing mixed ideologies which promote harmful or violent agendas to impressionable audiences.” Newcastle Crown Court was told Charlton was initially released on bail after first being arrested in May but broke his conditions by accessing social media hundreds of times. He would look at accounts of children, tried to contact one, and separately messaged a girl, inciting her to self-harm. The court heard there was evidence that Charlton was a member of a Telegram group associated with the “764” cult, which promotes murder, sexual abuse, self-harm, and terrorism. It is currently the subject of police investigations in several countries. Charlton uploaded 939 documents, including bomb-making manuals, to an online channel. He was asked if he was going to “blow up a school” by another user and responded by saying “of course”. He then shared a guide on how to build a pipe bomb and another on assassination techniques. The court heard Charlton had promoted the Nazi Satanist group Order of the Nine Angles, which the court heard seeks a supernatural “Satanic empire” to end modern civilisation and encourages crime, rape, and the idea that murder is the ultimate goal.

via northern echo: Birtley Nazi Satanist jailed for terrorism and child abuse offences