The UK government’s recent guidance for schools, which encourages staff to misgender and out trans students, has trans kids and their parents more worried than ever. Several trans children in the UK have told VICE News that they have stopped going to school because of the transphobia and violence they experience within school classrooms and playgrounds.  VICE News spoke to 15 children who identify as transgender and who have all withdrawn from UK secondary schools after receiving abuse from both students and teachers. While most are being homeschooled, some have not received any formal education for years.  From classmates physically attacking them and leaving them with broken bones and teeth, to being constantly misgendered and having staff publicly mock their appearance, they all told VICE News they are now “too scared” to ever go back to school. This comes as the UK Government put out delayed guidance for schools in December 2023 that advised teachers that they can block students from socially transitioning at school, misgender students, and “out” any child’s transgender status to their caregivers. Last year, VICE News exposed how this guidance was pushed back for four years and at one point “scrapped” by UK government officials.  The guidance was released in the same week as two teenagers were found guilty of “senselessly” murdering trans teenager Brianna Ghey in a park in North West England last February. It has been labelled cruel, flawed, and unlawful. One UK barrister said “it should be torn up, thrown away, and a fresh start made.”

via vice: Children Are Too Scared to Go to School Because of Transphobic Bullying