Kalana Limkin (not pictured) was arrested Friday in Hawaii for possession of child pornography as part of an FBI investigation into an online satanic cult using social media platforms Discord and Telegram to recruit victims. The leader of an online cult was arrested Thursday for possession of child sexual abuse material. Kalana Limkin, prosecutors say, founded an offshoot of the satanic group 764 to groom and exploit kids. Limkin shared child abuse images and recruited victims via Telegram and Discord, per court filings. The leader of a racist pedophile cult was arrested late last week following a seven-month-long investigation by the FBI into a network of Telegram and Discord servers dedicated to spreading neo-Nazi ideology and exploiting children, according to court documents reviewed by Business Insider. The initial complaint, which the court unsealed on December 15, indicates Kalana Limkin of Hawaii has been the subject of a criminal investigation since May and, upon his arrest, admitted to law enforcement that he is the creator of “Cultist,” a splinter group of the satanic anarchist organization known as “764,” that targets children and uses child sexual abuse material and videos of animal cruelty, self-harm, and other extreme acts of violence to “accelerate chaos in society.” “The group functions together as a coordinated unit by using Discord and Telegram as vessels to desensitize vulnerable populations through sharing extreme gore and child sexual abuse material (“CSAM”), with the purpose of breaking down societal norms and normalizing explicit material to corrupt minors and groom them towards future violence,” according to a motion to detain Limkin without bail while he awaits trial. Representatives for Discord and Telegram did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Business Insider. Limkin is accused in the complaint of posting at least six images of child sexual abuse material on Discord servers, as well as exploiting a minor he first met through the now-defunct site Omegle, which shuttered earlier this year, just days after it settled a civil claim regarding sexual abuse on the platform. Per the complaint, Limkin showed the girl a graphic video of sexual abuse against a child, asked her for photos of herself in her underwear, and told her he had a collage of pictures of girls he had manipulated into cutting his name into their bodies. During an interview with law enforcement, the complaint indicates Limkin admitted to “asking minor females to send him nude photographs of themselves and receiving child pornography links and images via his Discord server, ‘Cultist.'” Per court documents, he also admitted to having child pornography files that were stored in his phone and truck.

via businessinsider: Feds bust leader of neo-Nazi cult who used Discord and Telegram to groom and exploit children

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