As the deadly assaults on Israel continue, extremists, antisemites and conspiracy theorists are flocking to online spaces to cheer for Hamas, threaten further violence against Israel and Jewish people worldwide and float absurd, often antisemitic conspiracies about the “real” perpetrators or cause of the terror attacks. Extremists Celebrate the Attack on Israel Some white supremacists are celebrating Hamas’s attack on Israel. Chairman of the antisemitic National Justice Party (NJP) Mike Penovich posted on Telegram, “Hats off to the Palestinians for taking bold and courageous action in their own cause and showing us that the Zionist regime is not invincible.” He called out right-wing nationalists who are not actively celebrating the attack, demanding, “Who’s paying you? Who are you afraid of? Is the Overton window shifting enough for you yet?” Nathan Damigo, the founder of the now defunct which supremacist group Identity Evropa, wrote on his Telegram channel, “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free!” and “Hamas really took #BantheADL to the next level.” Meanwhile, a leader of the white supremacist New Jersey European Heritage Association complained that the attack will result in “a new batch of migrants coming to America. Privileged supremacist Jews fleeing chaos they provoked like the cowardly rats they are. They will immediately jump to the head of the line.” Jon Minadeo, the leader of the antisemitic Goyim Defense League (GDL), posted on Gab “PALESTINIANS ARE KILLING THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN. God bless these brave men of Palestine.” While GDL supporters in the network’s telegram channel noted their happiness with posts such as, “Woke up to kikes in Israel getting their comeuppance. Life is good.” and “What a wonderful Shabbot [sic] today goys!” Communications channels associated with the Islamic State (IS) are likewise seeing calls for violence against Israel and its supporters. Although IS views Hamas as theologically illegitimate, IS writers have expressed joy at seeing the Hamas attacks on Israel. One IS supporter posted on Telegram: “The Operation in Palestine today is just another” of Allah’s wonders. Other narratives from jihadist spaces characterize Hamas terrorists as martyrs, hope for additional casualties and see the conflict as a sign of end times to come.

via adl: Hamas Attack Draws Cheers from Extremists, Spurs Antisemitism and Conspiracies Online