Two suspects chatted about how easy it would be to attack a Social Democratic Party event in Lahti which then-PM Sanna Marin was scheduled to attend. Open image viewer Police seized the suspects’ ammunition cases, with some of the bullets arranged to resemble swastika patterns. On Monday, the trial of Finnish men accused of crimes with terrorist intent, who authorities claim were motivated by far-right ideologies, began at Päijät-Häme District Court on Monday. According to the prosecutor, three of the four defendants are facing various charges related to firearms offences and training to commit a terrorist act. The fourth suspect is facing firearms possession charges. Police have said the suspects are neo-Nazis who aimed to use accelerationist tactics to destabilise society, start a race war and advance their far-right goals. Contrary to what authorities initially suggested during a preliminary investigation of the case, the prosecutor said the men did not formally form a group. The central matter of the prosecutor’s case surrounds the firearms that the defendants stand accused of manufacturing using 3D printing technology — allegedly part of preparations for a “race war.” According to the prosecutor, the 28-year-old defendant attempted to manufacture, acquire and share firearms parts and ammunition for terrorist purposes. The defendant admitted to manufacturing two guns and also admitted guilt of aggravated firearms offences, however the suspect denied the crimes were terrorism-related. Among other evidence, a police preliminary investigation showed that two of the defendants had discussed the possibility of attacking a Social Democratic Party event in the city of Lahti. Two of the defendants, discussing the matter on the messaging platform Telegram, shared information that then-prime minister Sanna Marin (SDP) would be making an appearance at the event (…) One of the suspects had compiled a list of addresses of members’ belonging to the Helsinki-based European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats. The 28-year-old chief suspect had listed the addresses of several groups and individuals named as “leftists”

via yle: Neo-Nazi suspects discussed ‘how easy’ attacking Sanna Marin would be, court hears