The Russian neo-Nazi group Rusich, which is suspected of war crimes in Ukraine, has demanded the extradition of a Russian man arrested by Finnish police to Russia according to the Russian newspaper The Moscow Times. The Ukrainian government has also asked for the man to be extradited to Ukraine. The 36-year-old Voislav Torden, formerly known as Jan Petrovskiy, is suspected of terrorism crimes in eastern Ukraine. The Rusich group wrote on Telegram on Friday that it would stop taking part in combat missions in Ukraine until Torden is handed over. “In the meantime, we will rest and mind our own business. If a country cannot protect its citizens, why should citizens protect their country?” the group said in a message directed towards the Russian government. The Russian embassy commented on Telegram that the Russian neo-Nazi arrested in Finland did not contact Russian diplomats after his detention. (…) The man is suspected of participating in the activities of a terrorist group and supporting the activities of a terrorist group in the Donbas region of Ukraine. The suspected terrorism offences took place in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions of eastern Ukraine. According to media reports, Ukraine also requested that Finland extradite Torden to Ukraine.

via yle: Russian neo-Nazi group and Ukraine seek extradition of Russian man suspected of terrorism