“Tiny Teflon,” whose mother is also in the cult, has announced her plan to indoctrinate more children into it. When Michael Protzman, the leader of the QAnon cult that believes former President John F. Kennedy and his son JFK Jr. are still alive, died in June, people hoped the end was near for the group. The family members of those who joined the cult hoped it would disband so that their loved ones would finally return home. But instead, a new leader has seemingly emerged: a 13-year-old girl known to her followers only as “Tiny Teflon,” the name of the Telegram channel she uses to communicate with her followers. According to multiple live chats on Telegram reviewed by VICE News, Protzman appears to have groomed the girl as his protege, hosting her on his live chats on Telegram, where he had tens of thousands of followers. Many of Protzman’s followers have permanently broken family relationships, emptied their bank accounts, and destroyed their lives to follow his wild conspiracy theories. And now it seems they are ready to do the same for a child, whose real identity is not known. Tiny Teflon has created her own channel, conducted live streams with followers, and most worrying of all, has announced her plan to indoctrinate more children into the cult by teaching them how to decode real word events using the movement’s bastardized form of Jewish numerology, gematria. (…) While Protzman was the leader of the group, he introduced Tiny Teflon in March 2022 by featuring her on a live chat in his Telegram channels. During the chat, and in subsequent appearances, the pair would use gematria to make links between everything from the 2011 movie The Smurfs and the timing of Trump’s appearance in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York to conclude that Q’s predictions about the mass execution of the child-trafficking cabal is about to come true. It’s not known if there was any familial connection between Protzman or Tiny Teflon, or how they knew each other. As a sign of her growing position within the group, Tiny Teflon was made an administrator of Protzman’s main Telegram channel, though she posted very little over the last 6 months. However, since his death, the teenager has re-emerged as a leading voice in the group. In late July, she showed up at a Trump rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, where she was  photographed with multiple members of the JFK group. Then she began to post again in the Negative 48 channel. As well as posting her “decodes,” on August 1 she shared a link to her new channel called ABC 123. The channel’s description says it will contain “Tiny Teflon’s Decodes, Research and Much More!” and in all caps, adds: “CHANNEL MONITORED BY ADULT.”

via vice: A 13-Year-Old Girl Is Apparently the New Leader of the JFK-QAnon Cult

siehe auch: Absolut unberechenbar Rechtsextremer QAnon-Kult hat eine neue Anführerin – ein Kind Die QAnon-Sekte ist unter anderem dafür bekannt, Kinderhandel-Ringe der gesellschaftlichen Elite aufdecken und unterbinden zu wollen. Ab sofort wird sie von einem Kind angeführt. Im Juni 2023 ist der Führer der rechtsextremen QAnon-Bewegung, Michael P., verstorben. „Vice“ berichtet nun, dessen Nachfolge trete ein 13-jähriges Mädchen mit dem Pseudonym „Tiny Teflon“ (dt.: „winziges Teflon“) an. (…) „Vice“ zufolge handelt es sich bei „Tiny Teflon“ trotz ihres jungen Alters um ein langjähriges QAnon-Mitglied, das vorher als Michael Ps Telegramsprecherin fungierte. Inzwischen habe „Tiny Teflon“ den Kanal übernommen und erste Pläne für die Zeit post-Michael-P. bekanntgegeben. Zusätzlich pflege „Tiny Teflon“ ihren eigenen Telegramkanal, über den sie offenbar neue QAnnon-Mitglieder anzuwerben suche – insbesondere Kinder. In mehreren Livestreams habe sie vom hebräischen Codierungssystem der Gematrie geschwärmt, und Kindern versprochen, es ihnen beizubringen, damit sie Weltgeschehnisse entschlüsseln können.