The social media boss recently reinstated Patriotic Alternative, who are known for spreading hateful views against minorities and members of the LGBTQ+ community. At this point, we shouldn’t really be surprised when a flock of neo-Nazis are welcomed back into Twitter’s embrace. Recently, we had the return of the notorious face of gen z neo-Nazis, Nick Fuentes, who managed to somehow squirm his way back onto the platform. But it seems lightning has struck twice as Twitter chief Elon Musk has offered yet another digital pardon to a group with extremist far-right views – British group Patriotic Alternative. The group, and its leaders, had their accounts suspended for terms of service violations in December 2020. However, thanks to Musk’s reinstatement, the group will now be allowed to spread their harmful rhetoric and ideologies, targeting potential recruits. Mark Collett, the group’s boss and self-proclaimed admirer of Adolf Hitler, has a blue tick – a form of verification that an account is authentic, which back before Musk’s arrival were given out to notable public figures, but can now be bought for between £8 a month and £115 a year. Collett has tweeted about race and culture since he was reinstated on February 15 after the ban that spanned more than two years. Twitter also appears to have restored his former followers (55,000 users currently subscribe to his Tweets on the platform). Collett has been praising Patriotic Alternative’s public protests against migrants and drag queens. He received more than 2,000 likes for posting a photograph of small children in a French primary school, saying: “The great replacement is NOT a conspiracy theory.”

via hungrtv: Elon Musk has welcomed another neo-Nazi group back to Twitter