Scottish man who shared extremist ideology on messaging app, including blueprints for homemade machine gun, convicted of terrorism offense. A Scottish neo-Nazi who shared instructions for building a homemade machine gun has been found guilty of terrorism by a Glasgow court. James Farrell, 32, also pleaded guilty to expressing antisemitic, neo-Nazi and racist views. His trial, which took place at the High Court in Glasgow, led to him being convicted under the Terrorism Act, the Daily Mail reported. According to reports, Farrell was in communication with other extremists from other regions in the UK through the Telegram messaging app, over which they passed back and forth instructions on building a do-it-yourself automatic firearm. In March 2022, other members of the group were convicted of Terrorism Act offenses. The courtroom heard that the defendants exchanged a manual on committing acts of terrorism, shared racist beliefs and videos of violence.

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siehe auch: Far-right Scot admits terror charges over replica machine gun. James Farrell joined a far-right group and shared dangerous material A Glasgow man who joined a far-right online group and shared a video on how to make a replica sub-machine gun has admitted terror charges. James Farrell, 32, shared racist and neo-Nazi views with other members of the Oaken Hearth group. He posted offensive comments and photos about black and Jewish people and then posted a clip on how to make “the ultimate DIY machine pistol”. He admitted charges under the Terrorism Act at the High Court in Glasgow. The ex-security guard was identified by a police operation investigating Oaken Hearth; Scottish neo-Nazi who spread instructions on how to build a DIY machine gun is convicted of terrorism. James Farrell admitted offence under the Terrorism Act at High Court in Glasgow He also pleaded guilty to expressing anti-Semitic, racist and neo-Nazi views. A Scottish neo-Nazi who shared information on how to build a DIY machine gun has been convicted of terrorism. James Farrell, 32, today admitted an offence under the Terrorism Act and also pleaded guilty to expressing anti-Semitic, racist and neo-Nazi views. He had been in contact with like-minded individuals from the north east of England and other parts of the UK using the messaging service Telegram, where they shared instructions on how to assemble a homemade automatic weapon. In March last year, members of this group were also convicted of offences under the Terrorism Act. During their trial, it was heard that they exchanged terror manuals, shared racist ideology and posted videos of atrocities. (…) Following the hearing, Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart Houston, Police Scotland’s Head of Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism Unit, said: ‘Farrell not only expressed views which are totally unacceptable in a civilised society but his actions in sharing material of this nature had the potential of significantly endangering the public.

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