Newshub can reveal the annual number of threats against Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has almost tripled in three years.  It comes as police confirm they are still searching for an anti-mandate protester charged with threatening to kill the Prime Minister in March. The anti-mandate protest at Parliament earlier this year was a confronting display of anti-establishment fury and brazen disrespect for the Prime Minister, with one placard comparing her to Adolf Hitler. (…) There were 18 threats recorded in 2019, the following year it increased to 32, and last year police dealt with a chilling 50 threats against the Prime Minister.  The official information shows anti-vaccination sentiment was a driving force. Opposition to the Government’s firearms crackdown post-March 15 was another factor.

via newshub: Threats against Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern involving police almost triple in three years

siehe auch: Threats against Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern triple, according to report. (…) Anti-mandate protester Richard Trevor Sivell, 39, was arrested at his Te Puke home in March and charged with threatening to kill the Prime Minister. He appeared at Tauranga District Court on April 4 but has since disappeared. A warrant for his arrest is outstanding. And last month, a man incensed at the Government’s restrictions on people who had not received the Covid-19 vaccination threatened to assassinate Ardern. The 30-year-old Taranaki man, who has name suppression, was arrested after he posted the threat against the Prime Minister to Reddit, a social news website and forum comprising user-generated content. He appeared at New Plymouth District Court and was sentenced to 18 months’ intensive supervision. Asked by a judge if he would now be prepared to apologise to the Prime Minister, the man replied: “No, because I … what I said was over the line but it wasn’t a direct threat. I did overstep, I did go a bit too far with the words I used.” He added: “It was a momentary lapse of judgment because I was just quite angry with her.” In March, a man who sent an email to Ardern threatening to “personally wipe you off this f***ing planet” was sentenced to one year in prison, eight months after a jury found him guilty.

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