Flyers promoting the antisemitic “blood libel” and children’s dolls splashed with red paint are seen following the vandalism of the Jewish cemetery in Aalborg, Denmark. Photo: via social media. A chilling spectacle of children’s dolls splashed with fake blood alongside dozens of flyers promoting the infamous antisemitic “blood libel” was discovered at a Jewish cemetery in the Danish city of Aalborg on Sunday night. Police are investigating the vandalism as a hate crime and are attempting to apprehend the culprits, local media outlets reported on Monday. The flyers were marked with a large Star of David and the word “Pesach” — the Hebrew name for the Passover holiday that was celebrated last week — on top of a text that labeled the holiday “another Jewish celebration of bloodshed.” They were signed with the online address of Nordfront, the Danish wing of the neo-Nazi Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) that is active across the Scandinavian countries. Several children’s dolls covered in red paint to symbolize blood were left at the entrance to the cemetery as well as thrown over the outer wall into the graveyard. The cemetery walls were also splashed with red paint.

via ejpress: Danish Neo-Nazis Violate Jewish Cemetery With Passover Outrage Pushing Antisemitic ‘Blood Libel’