Secret recordings reveal how a global white supremacist terror group actively targeted young Australian men for recruitment, including a One Nation candidate for federal parliament. On a highway south of Perth, an Australian man known only by his online moniker “Volkskrieger” hops onto a group call while driving towards Bunbury. He connects with three other men spread across Western Australia, California and Russia through an encrypted messaging app called Wire. Warning: This article contains content that may offend some readers. The group is uneasy. One remarks they might be in “deep shit” with law enforcement. One of their US associates has been arrested by the FBI and rumours are swirling he was running his mouth off to federal agents. Volkskrieger’s mentor, Rinaldo Nazzaro, warns them to be on their guard. (…) The recordings, which have never been heard in public before, reveal how the neo-Nazi terror network conducted a methodical search for Australian recruits with access to firearms, security licences, combat training and a commitment to racial purity.

via The Base tapes

siehe auch: US neo-Nazi group recruits young Australians, secret recordings reveal. American white supremacist group, The Base, which encourages the collapse of liberal democratic governments, is recruiting neo-Nazis in Australia and has appointed a local leader who planned to launch a propaganda campaign in front of Federal Parliament House. A cache of leaked audio recordings and internal files gives an unprecedented insight into the white supremacist group’s nascent Australian operation. The recordings are of interviews in which local applicants are vetted for membership, and they include at least three men expressing support for the New Zealand mosque massacres.

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